Client Testimonials

Just a few of our rave reviews! We love our jobs and our Custom K-9 Service Dog family! 

I am so pleased with Kendall and her training methods. She had an instant connection with my dog, and has shown us so many simple things to get her on track to being the perfect well trained pet. I plan on using Kendall f0r a long time to help me get my dog trained for therapy work down the road. Class act!

Carie S.

Obedience Training

I can not say enough good things about Custom K-9 Service Dogs. For starters, Kendall was very prompt. She showed up exactly when she said she would, and she did not waste any time getting started with the training. She made sure to explain each training technique, and allowed time for me to practice the technique before moving on to the next. I am a first time puppy mom, and Kendall gave me the tools I needed to begin a successful training program with my dog. The excellent service did not stop once she left. Kendall encouraged me to call or text with any questions or concerns, which she has also been very promt in answering. I will definitely be using her service experience again.

Sarah, K.

Obedience Training

Kendall and Chandler from Custom K-9 Service Dogs came into my life when I was going through a lot of change. Where most trainers would shy away from the complexity that came from my situation, they stayed with me and did absolutely everything in their power to make this relationship work. I had recently moved to Reno and had little to no support system. I worked mainly with Kendall and she welcomed me and Tucky with open arms. They didn't treat me like I was just a job to do or a client, I felt like a part of their family. They were committed to providing me with the resources I needed to be a newly independent deaf adult. I felt reassured by their genuine values and comfortable demeanor.  She navigated around my unforgiving schedule and made sure I knew she was available for questions anytime. Kendall was an invaluable resource when I was navigating the new waters of finding employment with a service dog. When we first got together my prospect was a 9 month old adopted shelter dog who didn't even have the basic foundations of obedience training. I was a full time college student with very little time to train but Kendall gave me a few things to work on every week and showed me how to incorporate them into my everyday life and would review these tools and skills whenever we would meet up. Now I'm starting a new chapter in my life and I wouldn't be able to without the confidence that Custom K-9 Service Dogs has given to me. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. 

Kelalani D.

Assisted Owner Training Service Dog Program

I have been working with Kendall on my program, perfecting it until she took Maverick, a rescue, into her home and worked with him as a SDiT for several weeks. I flew in and stayed with her a week, with her shadowing me and teaching me how to continue his training until he has the appropriate working hours and behvaior to be considered a fully trained service dog. Kendall is amazing. She cares about each dog she works with and considers each handler as a part of her family. I absolutely loved working with her and plan on comming back in about 6 months to work on more advanced obedience and tasks. She is an amazing trainer who has become one of my closest friends and a part of my family. Maverick and I are both going to  miss her so much. Thank you Kendall for everything you have done for me, and all the hours of one-on-one training you have put into Maverick!

Erin P.

Assisted Owner Trainning Service Dog Program

My permanent pal is here!!! I wanted everyone to see the awesome organization/person who puts so much care and love into her dogs so she can improve the lives of their handlers! Thank you Kendall (and Chandler:)) so much for all of the work you put into making this puppers so great! College/life is looking more and more conquerable every day!

Rachel N.

Raised and Trained Service Dog Program

If anyone is looking for a professional and affordable dog trainer....look no further! This is a husband and wife team that provides an amazing service!!! They do basic obedience training, service dog training, socializing, and they also take training dogs on hikes or runs. They have made such a huge difference in mine and my dog's handling /training pgrogression in his path to becomming my service dog. 

Ashley M.

Obedience/Assisted Service Dog Program

My husband, our German Shepherd and I have learned so much working with Kendall and Chandler!


Susan T.

Kendall and Chandler are the best! Helped me with my German Shepherds and my little cocker spaniel. They help get a pack of dogs to work better together!

Ansie S.