Obedience Training

  1. Managing Director
We are proud to offer private, in-home obedience lessons for the local area for $40 a session. We work extensively with crate and potty training, basic and advanced obedience and redirection of negative behaviors (dominance, aggression, chewing, barking, digging, nipping, leash pulling). Our lessons run about an hour in length. 

Find us on Instagram at #customk9servicedogs for daily photographs of our adventures training and working with dogs!

We also board dogs for our clients at $65 a day. Your dog must be fully vacinated and non-aggressive, and will accompany us on our K-9 Hikes, training sessions and throughout our day. They will recieve a free training lesson for each day they are our guests, and you will recieve daily updates, photos and videos of them. Please call for availability.