Our Service Dog Programs
We offer two programs which might interest those in need of a service dog.

The first is for individuals who would like a dog to be raised and trained to their unqiue needs. This is ideal for people who are in need of a service dog but who don't have the time or skillset necessary to sellect a suitable prospect, raise and train the dog for a year, train the basic and advanced obedience, socialization, public access and tasks central to a service dog. This program gives the owner the opportunity of choice and customization without the stress and hardship of attempting the training themselves. Many of our clients for this program are college students or working professionals. 

The second program is designed to assist handlers who would like to owner train, but who prefer the assistance and guidance of professional trainers. For this program we often pick out a suitable candidate and conduct weekly lessons via Skype or webcam to help the team. Due to the difficulty of owner training, even with professional help, we do not accept all applicants. 

If you have a dog you would like to train with our help locally, then give us a call. 

Please note: we do not train guide dogs. 

Please also note our waitlist for our programs can be up to 3 years. 
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Fully Trained Service Dogs
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This a program designed for clients who would like a dog raised and trained to their unique needs. You will receive a fully trained service dog custom trained in up to four tasks.​ 

In this program, we raise one dog for service work a year from the same amazing bloodline of English Labrador Retrievers. We have worked closely with the breeder and recieve first pick of her pups. She is an amazing, ethical and knowledgable breeder with years of experience. 

After extensive consultation with the client to ascertain their lifestyle, needs and personality, we select a pup from the litter with the use of rigorous temperament and work aptitude tests to ensure the best match possible. We collect the pup at 10 weeks of age, and raise him/her in our home for the next 12 to 15 months.  The pup is throughly trained in basic and advanced obedience, public access and up to four task commands. Additional tasks can be taught upon discussion, and may cost additional fees.  We fly, travel via train, amtrak, subway and shuttle, and incorporate every aspect of public access we can think of. The client remains closely involved in the entire process and is able to visit or watch from afar as their pup grows into a working service dog. 

We pride ourselves in training custom tasks for our clients. The dogs in this program benefit from actively practicing performing complex tasks in a wide range of environments, and get to live for months as working dogs before being placed with their handler. A list of some of the tasks we train is below, and if the task you require is not present then we can work with you to create it. 

When the pup is fully trained and ready to be placed, we fly to our client's home and spend a week bonding them and their dog together. This is an integral part of the program, as it teaches the client how to be an ethical, responsible handler and gives them the tools to navigate the service dog world and upkeep their dog's training. This is one of my favorite parts of the program, because we get to witness service dog and handler become an independent team and embrace the world!

The cost for this program is $24,000. The handler is responsible fo the cost of purchasing the puppy and their vetrinary care. We dedicate 12 to 15 months of raising and training a 10 week old puppy into a working service dog. We pay for the cost of their training equipment, food and boarding, and invest hundreds of hours in their socialization and training. They are a part of our family and we pour our hearts and souls into their upbringing to create the ideal working partner for you.  

Something to think about: the average health care aid costs $21,840 a year. Most service dogs have an average working career of 8 years, and help restore their handler's dignity and independence without the need of another person intruding into the handler's life. 

Because we only raise and train one dog a year for this program, we unfortunately cannot guarantee every applicant a service dog, and our waitlist can be up to 3 years. Please fill out our Preliminary Application form below, or give us a call if you have any questions. 

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Tasks We Train!

We pride ourselves in training our dogs custom to our client's needs. Please note: we do not train weight-bearing/heavy mobility until the dog is at least 2 years of age, is of the proper size, and has been cleared by a vet. Additionally the task of migraine response as an alert is dependent upon the inherent ability of the dog and is NOT guarenteed.​ 

  • Migraine Response (dependent upon the dog's natural ability)
  • Medication retrieval from cupboard
  • Medication retrieval from fridge
  • Water retrieval from fridge
  • Opening/closing cabinets
  • Item retrieval
  • Item drag
  • Deep Pressure Therapy
  • Anxiety Response
  • Grounding during panic attack
  • Medication reminder
  • 911 Dial on a K9 phone
  • Hearing alert
  • Item carry 
  • Load/unload front loading dryer
  • Bracing (dependent upon dog's age and health and size) 
  • Pull into upright position (dependent upon dog's age and size)

We train many additional tasks, so if you have a task you'd like trained, then give us a call! 
Preliminary Application Form
If you are interested in either our Fully Trained Service Dog program or our Assisted Owner Training program, then please fill out the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible! We look forward to hearing from you!