Business Education Classes:

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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Currently serving the Reno, Carson City, Genoa, Garnderville and Minden area, this class is designed to help employees and business owners better understand their rights and provide better customer service.​

We come to your location and bring all necessary equipment, including informative handouts and a fully trained service dog for staff practice. ​​

As business owners ourselves and experienced professional trainers, we will cover the following: ​​
  • Your rights as a business establishment.
  • Service Dogs in Training vs. Fully Trained Service Dogs
  • Properly identifying a service team.
  • Questions you may ask.
  • Different types of teams.
  • Etiquette when working with a service team.
  • Ways to better serve service teams.​
  • Times when service dogs may be removed from property.
  • General canine and staff safety. 
  • A practical application working with an actual service dog.

At $15 per employee, it is easy to give your business the tools to provide better customer service. 

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  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director