K-9 CPR Class

The purpose of this course is to provide the necessary practical skills to:

1) accurately evaluate an emergency situation involving your pet
2) provide basic first aid care such as assessing vitals, bandaging wounds, recognizing common signs of poisoning and administering to a choking pet,
3) perform CPR if necessary to your pet.

You will be asked to take a written exam and a practical skills demonstration using a CasPeR CPR dummy. Upon successful completion of the period of instruction and both exams, you will receive a Canine CPR Certification valid for one year.

Course Timeline:
20-minute CPR lecture and demonstration.
20-minute CPR practice.
20-minute written and practical skills exam.

4+ student pricing available upon request for corporations or groups. 

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Hiking and K-9 First-Aid Seminar

This is a private, 4-hour course designed for the responsible hiker and their dog. The purpose of this course is to provide the necessary practical skills to;

1) pack first aid and emergency supplies for different environments and weather,
2) evaluate and treat your dog for a variety of common hiking ailments.
3) train the necessary skills to safely evacuate your dog through different types of terrain.
4) Teach and practice heeling, return to handler, leave it, and off-leash hiking behaviors. 

Course Timeline:
10 AM: Meet at the location of choice.
10-12: Recommended gear checklist and first aid/survival skills instruction.
*Signs and treatment of shock. 
* Symptoms and treatment of poisoning. 
*Local poisonous plants. 
*Wound care. 
*Bandaging paws and limbs. 
*Tic bite treatment. 
*Snake bite treatment. 
*Hypothermia signs and management. 
*Heatstroke signs and management. 
*Crush injury treatment. 
*Slings, sleds and evacuation methods. 
12-12:30: LUNCH
12:30-2:00: Hike and demonstration/practice of survival skills. 
*Leave it. 
*Swimming skills. 


This course is held in the beautiful mountains, and therefore the weather is unpredictable. Please bring a light jacket, sunblock, hiking shoes, water, snacks and bug spray. Dates will be booked depending on the snow and roads. 

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Whether you enjoy exploring the back-country, love hiking the mountains or prefer the desert, it’s important to know how to keep yourself safe when the best laid plans go awry. Purchase additional private classes to bolster your knowledge of the great outdoors and make exploring and adventuring even safer!

Each of these classes is two hours in length, and can be scheduled separately or for the same day as your Hiking/ K-9 First-Aid Seminar.

Land Navigation:
This is the real deal and can save your life if you get turned around in the back-country or lost in the trails! Learn to navigate confidently using the Military Grid Reference System and receive real world practice. All materials provided.
COST: $200

Human First-Aid:

This course is adapted from the Marine Corps Combat Lifesaver Course and is invaluable to keep you and your loved ones safe. Learn what to include in your hiking bag, splint bones, bandage wounds, treat snake and tick bites, manage head injuries and shock and much more! All materials provided.
COST: $200

Survive the Night:
A sudden storm or a wrong turn can leave you facing a night in the mountains or the high desert, where temperatures plummet and resources are scarce. Learn how to choose a potential campsite, construct a shelter, build a fire and more skills to survive the night.
COST: $200

If you wish to enroll in more than one class (we highly recommend you take advantage of learning these skills) than we will schedule you for either the next day after your Hiking/K-9 First-Aid Seminar, or for another day of your choosing.

These classes will be likely held in the mountains and therefore you should bring a light jacket, hiking shoes, sunblock, snacks, water, your own lunch and bug spray.  Dates will be booked depending on the snow and roads.


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